The basic steps for creating a backup policy For the Right Database

The backup policy must be comprehensive and involve all critical business information. Given this, the IT manager needs to evaluate which records are most important to the enterprise before defining what will be inside and outside the backup processes.

The interval between each copy is also important. Critical data that is modified regularly, for example, should be backed up at shorter times. Records that are not modified as consistently but are included in backup policies may have their copies created at larger intervals. For the 먹튀 this is important now.

Testing should be done regularly to ensure all copies are complete. Similarly, the company needs to create an access control policy, preventing data from being viewed or copied without authorization.

These two strategies ensure that backups are always available to the right people when they are needed. Realized the importance of backup? Following are the types available on the market.

The types of backup media

Currently, a company can employ different media to perform their backups. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. If business was once restricted to floppy disks, CDs, and magnetic tapes, companies today can count on cloud support to save their data. Check it out below.

External Hard Drives

Using external hard drives is a simple and inexpensive measure. The business can save data from multiple computers on a single drive using the machine’s USB port.

However, this model has been abandoned for security and reliability reasons. External hard drives are subject to more frequent failures and are more fragile due to their architecture. In addition, media can be stolen easily, bringing risks to the business.

Magnetic Tapes

Little used today, magnetic tapes are known for their low cost. However, this method has been abandoned by the industry for more advanced solutions.

Magnetic tapes have a very high write speed. In addition, the time to read or search files is also high, as both writing and reading are sequential. The company may encounter difficulties similar to those encountered when using external hard drives with regard to tape storage.

Cloud Backup

Fortunately, technology advances all the time and with it, it is possible to facilitate many processes. From this difficulty and lack of sufficient storage space to store everything, Cloud Backup, also called cloud backup , was created.

This is a solution that has come to make everyday life easier for people and businesses. With cloud backup, you can schedule how often you want to make a copy of your files and you don’t have to worry about the storage limit: the service has high scalability, which allows you to quickly increase contracted storage capacity.

Plus you can access the files from anywhere. Just have a computer or mobile device with internet access and your password. This brings more mobility to the company, which in the long run is seen as a strategic factor.