Dragon tiger playing tips 

 What is a dragon tiger?

It is a card game, specifically a multiplayer card game that involves gambling on it. The player with the highest rank of card is going to win, but if the players have the same card rank, then it will be concluded as a tie. This game is most beneficial for those who are at the beginning of their casino games. If you have never visited a casino online, then you might avoid difficult games that are hard to understand. But since we all had played Card games when we were in our childhood, it becomes easy to understand the dragon tiger game. There are no hard and fast rules to apply while you play. Moreover, when it comes to online dragon tiger, it becomes easier. Since it is a gambling game, you must have good luck to win it. But these below tricks you should always apply while you play dragon tiger online

Tips and tricks for winning dragon tiger

Despite the simplicity of the dragon tiger game, dragon tiger has many strategies that you can use. It’s all about using these strategies perfectly to gain more odds of winning.

  • Suit-based strategy 

In this, you can track the suit that you have played earlier. Also, try to figure out the remaining suits on the deck. This can help you to know which card you have to bet on. For example, if your diamonds suit is less, then it will be a wise choice to make your next bet on diamonds. Can you play this game online? Then you must surely calculate the number of your suits that are being dealt and the number of 7 cards that are played.

  • Martingale strategy

If you have lost the previous bets and you want to cover it, then you can do it by Martingale strategy. Most of the advanced players use the trick by doubling their bet stake after every consecutive round. Here is the demonstration of how you can do it:

  1. Position the bet on the dragon tiger side. If you lose the first round, then by using the Martingale strategy, double up the bet in the next consecutive round.
  2. If you again lose the second round, then double up the betting stake. For example, if in the first round you have infused a $1 bet followed by $2 in the second round. Hence per the rule now, you should bet $4 to cover the previous losses. In this way, you can increase your odds of winning.
  3. Anyway, keep in mind that if you win the third round, then you must reset your betting stake again to $1. You should invest less amount it at your first round. It mostly works if you continue to that on the same side, and thereby you can increase your probability of winning.
  • Go for the Main bets

By betting on dragon tiger, you can equally divide the winning chance by 50 50. This is also looked up as the best betting option.